Enrollment FAQ
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At what age can my child begin Religious Ed Classes?

We offer classes for all grade levels from Kindergarten through High School.

Does the Kinder class count toward the two year Communion preparation?

No, the Kinder class is offered for families wishing to provide their children with an early, basic foundation of faith formation. It is entirely optional and part of our systematic (grade level) catechesis. It does not count toward the two-year requirement for Communion prep.

What days are classes offered? If I have an emergency, can my child “make up” a missed class on the other day of classes?

Classes are offered on Wednesday afternoons (4 pm to 5:15 pm) for First through Fifth grades; Wednesday evenings (6:30pm to 7:45 pm) for Sixth grade and up; and Saturday mornings (10 am to 11:15 am) for Kinder through Fifth grades. You must select your preferred session at the time of enrollment and we cannot switch students unless there is a major life-event affecting the family.

Because each of our catechists proceeds through the curriculum at his or her own preferred pace, we cannot guarantee that the same material is always be covered concurrently on any given week. As such, make-ups are not allowed on the alternate date of classes.

How many absences are permitted?

We allow a total of 5 absences (both excused and unexcused) in each catechetical year. Though no make-ups are allowed on alternate dates, parents and catechists are encouraged to have regular communication with each other. Students can “catch up” on any material missed at home with parents. The absence will still be recorded, but students will not fall behind.

Excessive absences may result in automatic withdrawal from the program or students may be required to repeat the year of preparation.

When will my child celebrate his/her First Penance and First Communion?

First Penance and First Communion are typically celebrated in the Spring of the second year of formation for students who are in 2nd grade or above. The formal two-year preparation for First Communion may begin as early as 1st grade. However, we have students preparing for First Communion in all grade levels. It is never “too late” to prepare for and receive the Sacraments!

After my child receives his/her Communion, do we just wait until 7th grade to return for Confirmation prep?

As part of our systematic (grade level) catechesis, we offer classes for all grade levels from Kinder through High School. Though sadly many of our First Communion students do not return for ongoing faith formation in their post-Communion years, we always encourage families to maintain enrollment in the regular grade-level classes after First Communion. The Religious Ed program aims to “fill the gap” of Catholic faith formation classes that students are not receiving at private-non-Catholic schools or public/charter schools.

When will my child celebrate his/her Confirmation?

Confirmation is celebrated in the Spring of the second year of formation for students who are in 8th grade or above. The formal two-year preparation for Confirmation may begin as early as 7th grade.

My child isn’t Baptized. Can I still enroll him/her in classes?

Children 6 years old and under may be baptized right away and arrangements can be made at the parish office. Once a child turns 7, the “age of reason,” Baptism cannot be celebrated apart from the other Sacraments of Initiation (Eucharist and Confirmation). As such, non-baptized children ages 7 and up would prepare to receive all 3 Sacraments together, typically at the Easter Vigil of the third year of faith formation classes.