Confirmation Prep

About the Sacrament of Confirmation

In the Sacrament of Confirmation, by the anointing and the laying on of hands, the baptized continue on the path of Christian initiation and are enriched and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. They are bound more perfectly to the Church. Commissioned to spread and defend the Faith, they are obligated to show forth by the example of their lives and by the witness of their speech, that new man which they put on at Baptism. (S. 293)

Confirmation Preparation Program:

  • The Conferral of Confirmation is the final step of full initiation into the Catholic Church. Spanning two (2) consecutive years of preparation, as required by the USCCB and the Archdiocese of Miami, our students will journey through Sacramental preparation with the help of a Sponsor, who will join them for various special events.
  • The preparation for Confirmation begins as early as the 7th Grade.
  • Classes are offered on Wednesday evenings, from September through May, from 7:00 to 8:30pm. 

CNF1 (1st Year) Commitment Mass:

  • Students and families in the first year of Confirmation prep will have a special Commitment Mass celebrated each fall. The parish will gather together with our families and offer up prayers and support for all those beginning the journey of Sacramental preparation.
Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor:
  • A confirmation sponsor is a special person who, by their example, shows you how to live your Catholic faith every day. They live a life that reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Choosing Your Sponsor  *Updated April, 2019

Parent-Sponsor Retreat:
  • Parents and Sponsors gather every fall to attend the Parent/Sponsor retreat together. The retreat is designed so that participants enter deeper into the mystery of the Sacraments and learn how to more authentically journey together with the Candidates throughout their Sacramental Prep.
Faith Sharing Evenings:
  • Twice a year, our candidates will be joined by their Sponsor during regular class time for two faith sharing evenings, a time set aside to enter into deeper conversation on our shared faith, the gifts of the Spirit, and the joys and challenges of courageously living our faith in the world today. 
Spirit Day Retreat:
  • Typically scheduled in the winter, the Spirit Day Retreat is an all-day retreat experience for the Candidates, during which they will explore the Sacrament of Confirmation and life as a fully-initiated member of the Catholic Church. The retreat features a variety of talks from peer leaders, teachers, catechists, and Parish Catechetical Leaders, a powerful prayer experience before the Blessed Sacrament with an opportunity to go to Confession, and several small group activities for the Candidates to get to know each other more intimately as they journey together in faith. 
Christian Service Hours Requirement:
  • Christian Service Hours are an important part of the overall preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. In each year of Confirmation prep, students are required to participate in service projects throughout the parish and community at large.


  • COTLF will have a professional photographer on hand for the Confirmation  Mass. Families may NOT bring their own photographers.  
  • Rodolfo Matamoros, who has been capturing Sacramental Celebrations at our parish for over 20 years, will capture photographs of each child as they are anointed with Chrism by the presiding Bishop. 
  • Photos are available for purchase directly through Mr. Matamoros’ website