UPDATE: Registration CLOSED on Friday, September 25th.

Online registration of students for the upcoming year will begin on Monday, August 10th at 9:00am. Classes will begin online only on Wednesday, September 16th. 

In response to the ongoing Pandemic and the many challenges it presents us as a parish community, this new year will be unlike anything we’re accustomed to. Though we would love to get the kids back on campus for in-person classes, we will have to begin the year entirely online with virtual classes. The option for in-person classes will be re-assessed on at least a monthly basis. 

Our goal, as always, is to make Faith Formation and Catechesis meaningful, fun, and engaging for our students, families and catechists alike, as we all journey together towards an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ

The Rel.Ed. program has been completely reimagined for this new year and, because of the virtual nature of the program, parents – the first and primary catechists – will be asked to take on a more significant role in the religious education and formation of their children.

The COTLF Religious Ed program, along with our incredible volunteer catechists, is here to support and encourage each of our students and families to grow and develop their faith, their relationship with Christ and his Church, and their active participation within our parish community.

We continue to trust the Holy Spirit as we address and respond to the many complex challenges being presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic.